Nando’s – 25 Reasons

The aim of this campaign was to celebrate Nando’s 25th birthday by celebrating unique South African quirks.

Izikhothane are a group of young guys and girls – living in South Africa’s townships – who love to flash how much money or expensive material things they have. Izikhothane wear expensive designer clothing, which they often burn to show that money isn’t an object to them. Nando’s decided to tap into their lifestyle and create a humorous television advert showcasing that izikhothane are one of the many reasons why we love South Africa.


In South Africa, our car guards have become a bit of an annoyance to most drivers. This is why most people will duck, dive and tiptoe back to their cars, trying to avoid the attention of a car guard. If a car guard does see you, he (or she) will dash towards you in an effort to get that little bit of cash. So Nando’s created a television advert that compares these car guards to athletes because of their ability to get to you despite your best efforts to avoid them.