Nando’s Tactical


We live in a country where something is always happening – whether it’s political or social. Nando’s has developed a reputation for commenting on the major socio-political happenings in South Africa.


In most cases, these tactical viral ads are turned-around in less than 24 hours and cost absolutely nothing to produce.

Julius Malema is kicked out of the ANC as its youth leader.

Juju, you've been served


Joost van der Westhuzien is caught cheating on his wife.

Nandos - Joost, if you're not eating at home, eat an Nando's


The Dalai Lama is refused a visa and entrance into our country to celebrate Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s birthday.

Nandos - Your Holiness we've got no beef with you


Upon the announcement of the Secrecy Bill.

Nandos - Censorship


Musician Ard Matthews bungles the national anthem on TV.

Nandos - Ard, we have two words for you... but we forgot them


Jacob Zuma at the ANC conference in Polokwane just before he was elected president.

Nandos - There's aa Zulu on our Stoep


Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.



Created in honour of Nelson Mandela when he passed away on the 5th of December 2013.