Tacos, burgers and good karma.

Today we not only get to feel good about eating junk food, be charitable and learn about something new but we also get an excuse to instagram the heck out of our food (because let’s be honest, there’s a little hipster in all of us).

It’s called “Give Your Calories” and it’s the new app from Action Against Hunger. This app works off the well-known fact that Americans eat a lot. And I mean, a LOT. In fact, the only time they aren’t eating is when they’re opening their mouths to say things like, “oh my gaaaawd” and “Can I have fries with that?” So this nifty little app has capitalised on this insight by letting people take a picture of what they’re about to eat and then, using image recognition technology, it figures out what the meal is so that it can work out how many calories are in it. These calories are then converted into a dollar amount and the user is given the opportunity to donate that amount to the foundation. It’s kind of genius really. You’re going to eat that triple-decker burger with added cheese and bacon no matter what, but now you can feel good about it because more calories means more dollars and, if you choose to donate, that means more happy feelings and less waistline-related regrets.

It’s clever, innovative, useful and really relevant to the target market. A true “I wish I did that” kind of idea.


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